Tip Tuesday :: 3 Ways to Get to Your Dream Kitchen!

There must be something in the water, because it seems like everywhere we turn people are in the midst of renovating their homes. Although there are many spaces that are getting "space lifts", we are finding that the kitchen is causing our clients the most stress. What is one to do without access to an oven, refridgerator, or – even worse – their set of 24 wine glasses??? No fear. The NEAT girls are here to teach you a few quick tips to survive the chaos of a kitchen makeover. 

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1. Purging :: Yeah…Yeah… We know that "purging" is our favorite word, but trust us! It will make your life much easier when you go to put everything back into your new beautiful kitchen. Few quick tips:

– Get rid of any expired foods (spices, baking mix, sauces, etc.). This includes the items that will expire during the duration of the remodel. 

– Now is the time to return all of the items you've borrowed/collected from entertaining (think casserole dishes, tupperware, serving pieces). If they are not yours, give them back. Unless, of course, you fell in love with them. Then, just pretend they got lost in the chaos. 

– Go through all of your tupperware and glassware. If you can't find their matching top/bottom or they're the oddball out, then it's time to part ways. 

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2. Packing :: This kind of goes hand in hand with the purging process. Once you've decided to keep an item, stick it in a box. 

– Try to find used boxes. Since you aren't technically moving, why not save a bit of money!

– Make sure to label every box. Not only will it help you once you go to unpack everything, but if for some reason you really need to find something, this will help your chance. 

– If space doesn't allow, or if you simply don't want to live amongst boxes, opt for a storage unit. Often times, they will run specials and the cost will be well worth living without cardboard. 

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3. Living in the chaos :: Just keep telling yourself…"once this is all said and done, you will have the kitchen of your dreams!"

– Plan your meals around small appliances. With the use of your microwave, toaster oven, slow cooker or even your grill, you should be able to still prepare delicious and nutritious meals. As long as you keep them simple! 

– If possible, move your fridge to your makeshift kitchen space or invest in a mini fridge to get you through the renovation and over the hunger humps!

– Stock the pantry with disposables (recyclable or bio degradable paper goods) because it can be tough to clean dishes when you don't have a kitchen sink. This will make meal clean up minimal and organized down to a system.

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We hope these tips help you or someone you know, prepare for their kitchen overhaul. Please let us know if you would like any help from the NEAT girls! We are always up for a good challenge and pride ourselves on making sure one can always live the NEAT life! 


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