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Remember that time your great Aunt got you that really bad trinket that you still have in your house? You are probably keeping it because you feel bad getting rid of it. Although you might think the NEAT girls are totally heartless and lack any acknowledgement for sentimental value, would you think we were horrible if we told you to get rid of it? 

Trinket, ugly trinket

Here is the cold, hard truth: Your great Aunt did not give you something to have it collect dust and if you don't like it – she would not want you to keep it either! Since the holidays are right around the corner we thought we would give you a few tips on how to get only the things you want or need this year and eliminate the chance of getting another dust collector. 

Tip #1 – Get an online wishlist

online wish list, shopping online

If you love clothes as much as we do, consider an e-commerce wishlist. The NEAT girls love a little Shopbop in our lives and their wishlist program is simple and easy to sign up. They even send you an email when your items go on sale – *BONUS*!! For the men, no one keeps it classier than Mr. Porter. If you do not know where to begin, check out the, "Style Help Video Manuals." If that doesn't get you thinking about great gifts we don't know what will!

Tip #2 – Go non-traditional and REGISTER

gift registration, myregistry.com, online order

Who says registries are only for new moms and newlyweds!? If you have an eclectic list, consider creating a holiday registry at MyRegistry.com. If you have always loved finding your gifts as a child, you can keep the tradition going by checking what people have purchased and practice your excited face in the mirror for when you open it!

Tip #3 – Subtract before you add 

organized shelves, baskets, matching baskets

You didn't think we would get through a post without reminding you to get rid of some things did you? Nothing feels better after the holidays than being able to put new items from your wishlist away. Often we have excess items which means our new items get shoved wherever they fit instead of where they belong. This holiday season take a shopping bag, fill it with items you not longer use and give them to someone in need. Trust us giving away makes getting new things that much better!


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