Tip Tuesday :: April SHOWERS Bring May…

ORGANIZING!!! It's no secret that we LOVE to be organized. But, would you believe that we even think you should be organized in your SHOWER!! You do spend quite a bit of time in there (well, at least we hope you do), so why not make it NEAT!?!? Here are a few tips on how to do so. 

Tip #1 :: Don't have the entire Sephora store in your shower. Yes, we realize that some of you can be product junkies (which we aren't trying to stop), we're just simply suggesting that you use up all of the first product before moving on to the next. 

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Tip #2 :: Get yourself a caddy. If you just don't have the built in space or enough ledges, go find yourself a proper shower caddy that hangs from the shower head or wall. Keep it simple (no pun intended)…like this one found at The Container Store.

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Tip #3 :: If you haven't used it, toss it. We know you hear us say this all the time, so consider this a friendly reminder. If a product has been sitting in your shower long enough to get that terrible film on the bottle or leave that gross build-up ring under it then just get rid of it. You do know they say that after a year the product will start to have reverse effects! Ummm…looks like someone's anti frizz was old!

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We hope these tips bring you more organized showers! Happy end of April and welcome to May!


the NEAT girls

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