Tip Tuesday:: Are You Feeling Ready for the Beach?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's her secret to feeling so confident at the beach?!?

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Our guess is that she has an organized beach bag!

Whether you are taking a trip somewhere warm to get away from winter or have to wait until spring to see the sun, it is never too early to start looking for a fantastic beach tote. Every NEAT girl knows that the first step to being organized is finding an amazing bag. Here are some of our favs ::

:: Annabel Ingall :: Kate Spade :: Gant :: Tory Burch ::

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TIp #2:: Use travel bags like these to keep your bag organized and your valuables dry and sand free.

nieman marcus, beach organizer, beach bag, pink bag, nieman marcus bag

Tip #3:: Put your lotions into travel size containers so you save plenty of room for the more important stuff … gossip mags, a camera, and of course some cute shades!!

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If you prepare right you will be nothing but relaxed once you get there. Well…a few margaritas could help with that as well!


the NEAT girls

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