Tip Tuesday:: Baby Registry Must Haves

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Here at NEAT, we have a few "Pro's" when it comes to all things baby. The registry can hands down be the hardest part of preparing to bring your bundle of joy home. There is a fine, fine line between EXCESSIVE baby gear and just enoughgi Lucky for you, we are sharing 10 items that MUST be on your registry if they aren't already!

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#1 :: Ladies, meet the Dria Cover. This serves as a nursing top but also a carseat or stoller cover while your baby is sleeping. It's honestly the best three in one out there!

#2 :: The Haba Play Gym is a modern take on the standard playmat. You can put any toy you want on it for your baby to play with while they are on their back. The best part is, it can be broken down so it can easily be stored.

#3 :: A nice wood teether is a must. It will help with their motor skills early on and when they begin to teeth, it will be their favorite thing to chew!

#4 :: A fun, classic, toy. This particular toy is colorful, lightweight, and even makes sounds when it is moved. There are so many parts to grab on to which make it fun for baby. Plus it is DURABLE!

#5 :: Baby bandanas are the new bibs. Consider when your baby begins the teething process and is constantly drooling. He/she can permanently be in a bib…. OR a stylish bandana. We love the ones from Alexandra Rose Handmade. 

#6 :: A sleep sack is on every NEAT Mom's short list. Let us paint a picture:: First a baby rolls, then crawls and sits up, then stands THEN makes an attempt to escape out of the crib at nap time. Now imagine trying to escape out of bed with a sleep sack on… much harder, right? You're welcome!

#7 :: The Solly Baby wrap is very popular right now, and we know why. It is super light weight so you don't sweat carrying your litter heater around, AND because it is made of a simple fabric, it is easy to travel with AND CLEAN!

#8 :: A traveling changing station might be the most used item on this list. This one by Skip Hop is a great pattern and super compact so it can easily be added to a diaper bag OR clipped on your stroller. 

#9 :: If you travel at all, the Baby Bjorn portable crib (or pack-n-play) is hands down your best option. It is a bit more expensive than the others but it is SO LIGHT and beyond simple to set up which is worth every penny in the end!

#10 :: Last but not least, these knit car rattles from Land of Nod are a must! Between hanging them in the car, on your baby's wrist, or on your new baby play gym, these are so fun to have! They are also machine washable which really makes life simple.


We wish all you Mom's to be out there the best pregnancies, and happy registering!


the NEAT girls

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