Tip Tuesday :: Back to School

School is officially in full swing and whether it’s grade school or business school, days are filled with books after books! In honor of the never ending reading material, we’ve decided to share with you a NEAT tip on how to properly organize all your books. Regardless of whether they are school books or cookbooks, once you’ve organized your books, your guests will be loving the vibe next time they are over!

One of the main reasons we love to color-code books when we organize, is the prepping process! It gives you the chance to finally take a look at those piles of books and make sure you actually do want to keep them all.

Books are one of those things that can easily pile up over time and they tend to take up way more space than necessary. It’s always good to comb through them now and again, and donate to those less fortunate!

Now, once you’ve narrowed down your books to only “keeps” – separate into different piles based on the color of the bindings.

The order will go: white // pink // red // orange // yellow // green // blue // purple // gold // brown // silver // gray // black

And let’s be honest…once you’re done, it looks stunning! Color-coding your books has such a visual impact, creating art out of everyday items.

How much better do these bookshelve look?

Now get to organizing your book collection, and don’t forget to donate those unwanted books to your local school or charity!


the NEAT girls

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