Tip Tuesday :: Christmas Came Early This Year!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to bring out the holiday decor! Nothing is worse than pulling out your favorite items to find out they've been damaged in storage! Here are 4 items that you cannot live without when it comes to properly storing your holiday best!

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It's so easy to wad the lights up in a pile and throw them in a box for the next year…until next year rolls around and you are ready to scream trying to untangle the mess. This year, try wrapping them up easily with this light storage system!

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Did you get the unpleasant surprise of a broken ornament? Spare yourself or your child the tears and splurge on a perfect ornament storage bin (or two!) 

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Did you make the jump to a…well… let's call it imitation Frasier fur? We don't want to use the F word (fake), but if that's what you did, let's face it – the tree comes without a mess which is GREAT! If you spent good money on it, it is important to store it well. A quality storage solution doesn't mean you have to break the bank either! Check out this one we found on Ebay on sale now for only $12.99!

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Our least favorite is to pull out adorable wrapping paper from the year before that was stuffed somewhere in the off season and now it is crinkled and feels unusable. Never make that mistake again with this great paper storage solution. If you have more paper than what fits in the bag, then it's time to make the hard decison of what doesn't make the cut.

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Preparing yourself for storage will make life so much easier post holiday season. Once you have purchased your new favorite solutions, you will be dog tired so be sure to enjoy your hard work with a perfect cup of cocoa


the NEAT girls

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