Tip Tuesday:: Don't Throw in the Towel!

This week's Tip Tuesday request was for creative towel storage solutions. Finding enough room for all your towels can be difficult…especially in a city aparment. These are some of NEATs favorite solutions to this organizational dilemma.

This ladder towel storage system will fit great in any bathroom with wall space and high ceilings. 

bathroom, pretty bathroom, white bathroom, bathroom organization, organize tips

If you don't have quite as much room and are looking to take full advantage of a cabinet or linen closet we recommend undershelf baskets

bathroom, organizing bathroom, bathroom towels, folded towels, organizing

Or roll your towels in baskets like these if you don't have closet or cabinet space.

wicker basket, restoration hardware, seagrass basket, basket, basket for home, brown basket, tan basket, organizing tips, organized bathroom

We all know that feeling of a fresh, new towel! Hopefully these tips will allow you to experience this simple joy more often!


the NEAT girls

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