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Good news…there is no entry fee required to win our Paper Pile Makeover! In fact, you have already entered by clicking today's Tip Tuesday! Time to learn our three easy rules to follow so that paper pile up never takes over your desk again. 

1) Create an inbox for yourself. Something stylish and small so that you are frequently reminded that it is time to file some things away. By frequently we mean at least once a week, pick a day and time and stick to it. Make it fun … lets say every Saturday morning you walk to your local Starbucks get a seasonal latte (we are lovin' the pumpkin spice already) and enjoy sipping on it while you make your way through the previous week's stack. Not a bad way to start the weekend off!

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2) Carefully label your files and make your system simple, keep your categories very general, yet clear, so that things are easy to find. Always label everything on the same side and sort alphabetically.

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3) Be careful about what you file. One statistic shows that 80% of what you file never gets looked at again. I mean you have to admit that you are probably going to the internet for new recipes, decorating ideas, and take out menus, so no need to even file those items. Keeping a file cabinet small will help you chose your "keepsakes" wisely.

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So the moral of the story is…keep it simple when it comes to filing and you will be much less overwhelmed by all the papers!


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