Tip Tuesday:: Get A Move On It!

MOVING … do you get anxiety just hearing that word?? Well, the good news is, you are not alone!

Moves can be stressful, overwhelming and some may even say awful! However, our optomistic OCD tendencies make us see moves as opportunites. Here is a little sneak peak into our optimism.

Opportunity #1:: A CHANCE TO GIVE. Find a local charity, Salvation Army or even consignment shop (our new favorite is Chicago's Luxury Garage Sale) so someone else can benefit from those items you never use.

Luxury Garage Sale, lgs, online consignment, consignment, pretty clothes

Opportunity #2:: ONE STEP CLOSER TO BECOMING A GOURMET CHEF. Sorry no one loves food made with spices from 2008. Discard those old spices (no expiration date … no problem click here) and embrace the ohhhs and ahhhs over the amazing flavors of the food you serve in your new home!

spice rack, spice organizer, organized kitchen, kitchen organization, organizing tips, recipe box, spice box

Opportunity #3:: QUIT A BAD HABIT. Face that overstuffed 'junk drawer' … they call it that for a reason you know ;). Part ways with the 25 pens, old menus, and whatever else has mysteriously ended up in there. Junk drawer no more!

junk drawer, junk, organizing junk drawer, organized junk drawer, organized drawer, organizing tips, home organization, office, office drawers, office desk

We hope these tips will help you see your next move as a NEAT opportunity!


the NEAT girls

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