Tip Tuesday :: How to Downsize Without Totally Losing It

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

As most of us know, moving can be a SERIOUS headache! Moving into a smaller space can really create some next level stress. Today, we are helping you master the art of downsizing to create the perfect new oasis.

Tip #1:: Eliminate. Seems simple enough right?? This alone will save you in so many ways:: You won't move things that you don't need/want which means you will save money on boxes and labor hours with movers. The closet is an obvious place to begin but what about your kitchen? How about that ice cream maker you've been holding on to that you SWEAR you will use… or how about all of those canned goods you have shoved way in the back of the shelf in your pantry? We guarantee you will find at least 10 things that are expired in your space. 

Tip #2:: Contain. It's time to be honest with yourself. If you are saving baby clothes for your next child, but your next child doesn't currently exist, that's ok! We actually get it and don't want you to get rid of things that you will likely use again. We just ask that you get it organized in a way that will be easy to find and use in the future. Let's face it, all of those clothes likely won't have room in your downsized space, SO…. go ahead and get a storage unit! Just make sure it is NEAT.

Tip #3:: Slim down. Those beautiful wood hangers that you have in your closet currently are not going to fit in your new space. If you have plastic hangers, it's time to get rid of them regardless. Did you know that the amount of space that a wood hanger takes up in a closet equals 3 slim, velvet hangers? Yup – we just tripled your closet space. 

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