Tip Tuesday :: How to Organize Your Relationship

Yep, you've read that title correct! Now we may not be professional couples therapists, but today we are sharing some pretty great tips to keep you and your boo (virtually) more organized and getting along better than ever!

Do you ever come home from the grocery with milk, to find your arm candy has also purchased milk, and now you both have to drink milk at every meal in order to keep it from going to waste? Life can be rough! Good thing we've taken some time to narrow down the top 3 apps to keep you connected, in love, and most importantly (we think)…organized!

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1. Avocado

This couples app is probably the most interactive of our three favorites! Not only can you share a calendar, create to-do lists, but it even allows you to share a twitter status update. Some added bonus features include: actual facial expressions of your loved one (rather than emoticons – hilarious!), sending virtual hugs & kisses (how cute?!), and essentially a timeline similar to Facebook's.

avocado, avocado app, couples app, best couples app

2. Couple

Probably the most intense of our three choices, Couple is an interactive app that not only allows you to share pictures, send texts, create to-do lists, and "thumb kiss" BUT it also has a GPS that allows you to track where your loved one is at all times. Now you and your PIC can keep tabs on each other, even when you aren't actually PICs.

couple app, best couples app

3. SimplyUs

Do you want an app for you and "honey pie," but don't need all the bells and whistles? Then this is the one for you! It is essentially an easy way to link a calendar, set to-do lists, and also send messages within one convenient place. No need to be cutesy, just efficiency here!


simply us, simplyus, simply us app, simply us app, best couples app

Now that you've got your new app downloaded, how to keep your bf/gf/bff from physically stealing what's yours? Add any of these cute items to your home and instantly your things are labeled! 🙂

his and hers, his and hers glasses, yours and mine glasses, his and hers hooks, his and hers bowls, chalk bowls, chalk labels, bathroom, his and her bathroom

Hope we've made things for you and your honey a little easier this week!


the NEAT girls

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  • Kaitlin

    Thanks so much! We’ll have some more fun things coming out shortly (along with our iOS 7 update).

    Cheers and have a great day,

    Kaitlin & the rest of the Avocado team

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