Tip Tuesday :: How to Score Big this Football Season…

Time after time we find ourselves in client's homes surrounded by bats, balls and mits everywhere! Whether it's their kids' clutter or them wanting to hold onto their Highschool Quarterback title, we have found that these items are often some of the most awkward to organize. Where does one put 3 hockey sticks, 2 baseball bats, 18 golfballs, baseballs, footballs…?? Get the point?

In honor of football season, we are sharing our 3 best tips to help you "score"…we mean STORE big with all of your sports equipment!

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Tip #1:: By designating a home for all of your kid's sporting goods, they will learn to put things away after they are done playing with them. We think these are super cute and look really nice in a kid's room. 

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Tip #2:: For the bigger items like bats, clubs, and sticks – make sure the storage is high enough to hold the items upright. We love how this container looks – and, we highly recommend keeping it by the door you enter and leave from when playing ball. 

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Tip #3:: Although playing sports can lead to getting down and dirty, the actual storage for it can remain aesthetically pleasing. Why not stick with a sports theme and choose something that reminds you of the locker room?? These are our recent favorites, especially since the labels are already built in. Double score!

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We hope these tips help keep your athletic ability up to par! Go Bears, 49ers, Chargers, Dolphins, Redskins, & Vikings! May you all win and keep our boyfriends and husbands entertained so we can go shopping!


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