Tip Tuesday:: How to spice up your ….

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

…. SPICE CABINETS! Sorry no dirty secrets here :). 

What we can share is how to have your significant other drooling over the delicous meals you prepare. What's our dirty little secret you ask? Organized spices. 

Whether you have absolutely no cabinet space for spices or you just can never find what you are looking for, NEAT has a solution!

For those with no cabinets or drawers for spices we recommend this savvy space saving solution.

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And for those who love a good DIY project

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No wall, cabinet, or drawer space? Or just prefer your amazing spice collection to be behind the scenes to your culinary delights? Well then meet Monsieur Rust-Oleum's specialty magnetic primer. Put a coat of this magical potion on before painting your cabinets and all of your spices can be quitely hidden behind closed doors.

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As an added tip, Penzeys Spices are by far our favorite and make for an adorable wedding or house warming gift!

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Have a spicey Tuesday and as always don't hesitate to send your organizing tip requests to tips@neatmethod.com


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