Tip Tuesday :: If NEAT Built a House

Today we are sharing some of our favorite tricks to consider incorporating when building or renovating your next dream home! Adding these small ideas to your plans will help not only make your life more clutter-free, but also more peaceful!

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Creating an organized mail center is key to staying on top of things this day and age. Built in cubbies make it easy to keep papers organized, without allowing them to pile up all over the counter! 

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Add a cabinet off your fridge to hide and store brooms, mops, and extra cleaning supplies. Having these items conveniently located in the kitchen, will help make cleaning up messes that much easier and quicker.

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Utilize the awkward space below your sink with a pullout drawer! Keep everyday kitchen items like sponges, dish brushes, and hand soap hidden when not in use. Who likes looking at that stuff anyways??

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Now we've all seen pull out garbage bins, but what about adding a little bit of extra space so you can also store extra garbage bags. Seems pretty genius to us!

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An easy way to eliminate an eye sore, is to hide outlets with a fake drawer!

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Laslty, why not add a pullout step stool for small children in the bathroom? This will elminate that plastic animal stepstool, that you currently have, from ever being in the way!

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Hope we've given you some great ideas! And please feel free to invite us to your next housewarming soriee – we would hate to miss a good party!


the NEAT girls

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