Tip Tuesday:: It's in the Bag – NEAT's Top Storage Finds!

In need of a little home organizational inspiration? This post is for you! The NEAT girls have scoured the web to find the best of the best in the latest storage solutions that will leave you ready to get organizing! This week, we couldn't help but find some amazing bags to use through out your home – trust us…we have found what you have been hunting for!

Inspiration #1 :: Coral & Tusk

If this adorable, small, embroidered bag doesn't have you wanting to show off your small objects, nothing will! This would be a perfect addition to store small objects in an office or your favorite napkins in the kitchen.

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Inspiration #2 :: Horchow

Dransfield & Ross has made laundry day so much better with these clean and simple bags. A great laundry basket is hard to find but these left out in plain sight is approved by NEAT.

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Inspiration #3 :: Furbish Studio

If you're having trouble finding a way to gather your child's toys, look no further. Furbish studio perfectly mixes function and style with this geometric bag. It makes perfect sense that their go-to hashtag on social media is #daretomix!

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Inspiration #4 :: Target

Although Target is not exactly a "new" place and this isn't exactly a "bag," we are always willing to bend the rules for one of our favorite places to shop! Besides the fact that chalkboard labels are absolutely the latest and greatest thing, this basket can be used just about anywhere in the home. From the blankets in your family room to the shoes at the front door, this is sure to solve some of your homes disorganized problems.  

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Do you have a store that the NEAT girls should know about? Let us know by emailing us at info@neatmethod.com.


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