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Although the iPad and iPad mini serve the same purpose as an iPhone (minus the whole phone part), they are ever-so-addicting and surprisingly handy! We NEAT girls can streamline a consultation with a client or exercise our social media skills so much quicker and easier with them!

BUT one thing that is always difficult when owning a tablet (and to be completely honest, just straight frustrating) is finding a cute and stylish protective case! When someone purchases a case for their tablet or e-Reader, they (and we) all know the case is somewhat going to be a reflection of the owner… thus causing the internal battle of which one to buy!

To help make your decision making process just a little easier, we have decided to narrow it down to a few of our favorites!

Alexander Wang Prisma iPad clutch, Kate Spade Millionare Quote iPad Sleeve, Ted Baker Bow Tablet Case, Juicy Couture Palm Leaf Tablet Case, ipad case, ipadmini case, e-reader case, tablet case, cute ipad case

Alexander Wang Prisma iPad clutch :: Kate Spade Millionare Quote iPad Sleeve :: Ted Baker Bow Tablet Case :: Juicy Couture Palm Leaf Tablet Case


We've never been millionaires yet either (hopefully soon), but are confident we'd be just darling at it! How about you?? 😉 


the NEAT girls

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