Tip Tuesday :: March Madness

Happy Tip Tuesday, or should we say…the official start to March Madness!! Tip off for the Men's Division 1 Basketball Championship Tournament starts this evening and we can't wait to cozy up at our local sports bars and cheer on our favorite teams! We are going to just get it out there and declare who each of us has places our bets on:

Ashley :: Indiana University (obviously! She was an IU Pi Phi afterall)

Molly :: San Diego State (a sweetheart for cheering on her hubby's ol' stomping grounds)

Heather :: Michigan State (can't get enough of the mitten state)

Marissa :: Miami Florida (because she did go to Miami *Ohio, and now lives in Florida)

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Now on to more important things, like how are you going to keep track of who is playing who? What time are the games? And who is winning?? Your best bet is to download an app for your phone! That way, even if you aren't that intense of a sport's fan, you can at least know what is going on enough in the tournament to impress your friends…or that cute someone! 😉

Rumor has it, the best app for the the 2013 NCAA Tournament viewing is March Madness Live. With free streaming of all games, it is sure to be your best bet!

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Or, if you're not mad for the madness, you can always whip up a batch of these cute cupcakes for your coworkers! YUM!

basketball cupcakes, sports theme cupcakes, cupcake recipe, sports cupcakes


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