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Gus Kenworthy, Joss Christensen, and Nicholas Goepper are now household names all thanks to their sweeping of the podium at the 2014 Winter Olympics Ski Slopestyle Final in Sochi last week.

Or maybe it's because of other things like: Nick is from a small town in Indiana and just won bronze in an Olympic ski event (how in the world??) or Gus is the puppy-saving hero of your dreams.

Either way, in honor of the Olympics and TEAM USA we decided to have a little friendly competition of our own! To determine which NEAT Girl has the Most Organized Space in Her Home! We won't waiste another minute…it's time to announce the winners!



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And the Bronze Medal goes to…

CATHERINE ZINN of Washington DC with a score of 92.40

Judges comments: She uses excellent form on implementing the Container Store shoe bins, however she may own just a few too many pairs. "Titch of a shoe hoarder" tendencies will dock her a few points, thus placing her in third for this category.

catherine zinn, shoe bins, clear shoe bins, organized shoes

And the Silver Medal goes to….

KATIE B of San Diego with a score of 93.60

Judging comments: Katie B not only knows how to color code in the correct fashion (pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, gray, balck) but she also gained a few extra points for using the Container Store Linen 8-Section organizer.

katie b, neat san diego, organized ties, organized mens ties

And the Gold Medal goes to…

BROOKE RUDER of Chicago IL with a score of 95.80

Judging comments: Brooke has just all around perfected everything NEAT in this space. She uses black slimline hangers, acrylic purse stands, women's shoe bins, and labeled linen baskets. We consider her work the best of the best in this year's NEAT Method Winter Olympics! Congrats to Brooke!!

brooke ruder, organized closet, organized master closet

Thanks to the other NEAT girls who came out to participate (and ended up losers), and congrats to the three winners! And even more congrats to all of the USA Olympic winners thus far! GO USA!!!


the NEAT girls

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