Tip Tuesday :: Photo Frenzy

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

After a summer filled with weddings, vacations, family visits, and days at the beach, your phone is probably bursting at the seams with photos! Although cell phones have mangaed to elimate the clutter of photos around the house, phone clutter is just as bad as any other when you are talking to a NEAT girl.

Scenario 1:: You just went to a wedding. Your sister just had the most adorable baby. You are watching people take all of these amazing shots and you are asking them to email them to you, but you are afraid it's not going to happen. 

Solution:: Download Cluster. Cluster allows you to create groups around events. You get notified when people in the group add photos to the event and you can choose to save any photos you want. 

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Scenario 2:: You have become the most epic Instagram photographer there is. Your filtering skills are off the charts and you are tipping 1,000 followers. Now you are ready to show off your skills around the house, but aren't totally sure how to print them. 

Solution:: If you are a future NEAT client, or if you already love things tidy, do us a favor and get them printed as a permanent book. We cannot love Artifact Uprising more – they make printable items look this beautiful!

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Scenario 3:: Looking to make a little money off of your new found talents, but aren't ready for your first gallery opening?

Solution:: Instead of keeping your prints around the house, try selling them on Society6. This site is not only a great place to find afforadable prints, but it might be just the spot to sell your best work!

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Do you have other photo solutions that you would like to share? Email us at info@neatmethod.com or share them in our comments! 


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