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Happy New Year! We figured that the New Year is all about resolutions so we wanted to start you out on the right foot (pun COMPLETELY intended). ‘Tis the season for boots, boots and more boots. We like to say that in January, NEAT Method Chicago needs to rock boots for, “show and for go”. The wintery weather makes boots an absolute necessity. While in San Francisco, the team is really just wearing them for show… They like to pretend there are actually seasons. Regardless of your geographical location, boots can take up a TON of valuable real estate in your closet. Here are a few things you can do to ease the pain:

If you have a low hanging rod (or a handy man in your life to install one) look at how amazing this looks!? Pro tip: if you hang the rod so that the boots do not touch the ground you will leave enough space to store your favorite flats below.

Boot shapers may seem like a frivolous thing but if your nice boots are wadded up at the back of your closet, chances are they are not going to be in peak performance in years to come. If you are not ready to spend on the inserts (we understand it’s right after the holidays) consider stuffing them with tissue paper as a temporary fix.

If your closet is on the smaller side, consider loading your flats in a basket to make room for boots. Chances are, if you are in a city with real winter weather, these are hibernating for winter anyway.


Last but not least, our old stand by – the boot box. Did you know that they are made for boots as well? Put your nicest boots in clear bins where they will be out of the way, but ready to wear when you are dressed to impress.


Also, just because we love you, we have provided our favorite shoe cobblers in both cities. Getting a good shine and some new soles on your boots after the winter season is a MUST. Visit Clybourn Cobbler in Chicago and Galletti Shoe Repair in SF!


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  • Scott Kohlhaas

    This is your number one fan, codename: co-walrus. I like the picture of the closet and especially the shoebin. Great ideas from Neat Method. Just don’t give away all your industrial secrets.

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