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This week, instead of answering one of your questions, we have opted to give you a tip that will help to make it through this holiday season alive! 'Tis the season for receipts, receipts and you guessed it, MORE receipts.

Let us paint a little picture for you: in the next month and a half you are likely going to purchase more things that potentially will need to be returned. Where are you keeping your receipts? At the bottom of your purse? In your jacket pockets? In a bag? Good luck finding the ones you need when things need to be returned!

Receipts, receipt box, unorganized

Luckily, you are reading this post and are about to learn some seriously savvy ways to keep your receipt issue in check. Take exhibit A: If you are into having the most current trends, this adorable Alexander Wang coin purse will look great in any bag you may have. 

Alexander Wang, purse, clutch, black and gold clutch

If you have a large purse, or are a fan of all things late 80's/early 90's this one is for you! Hey…bright things are easy to spot!

Lisa Frank, Ballerina, bunnies, colorful pouch

If you are cringing from the last option, perhaps you are a bit more sophisticated. Do not worry, this Abas travel envelope has your name written all over it (and it comes in some great colors).

Graphic Images, receipt holder, black organizer

Or, if you see yourself as an over achiever, consider taking receipt organizing to a new level (we obviously do) with this little gem.

Green, filing, organized

No matter which you choose this season, rest assured any items that need to be returned will be without the headache. Let us know which one you end up with!

Happy Shopping!


the NEAT girls


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