Tip Tuesday – Storing Large Objects…

Okay people! Get your head out of the gutter! Seriously, today's Tip Tuesday comes from a soon to be Mother of three! Her question was the following: "How can I store the abundance of light sabers and swords that my boys have? They are so long and just don't fit right in the bins I have. I was thinking something taller like a wrapping paper bin or garbage can but obviously I want to find something that looks nicer than those two things. Any ideas?" Good news – we are here to help! Here are just a few of our favorite storage solutions for larger objects.

toy storage, rolling bins, organizing toys, kids toy's, children's room

This rolling storage unit makes all toys look cuter than they really are. Plus! You can roll it away when company comes over – *BONUS*

container store, storage bag, crunch can, travel bag, organizing toys

This "Crunch Can" has become a serious favorite with the NEAT Team and we can absolutely see a light saber looking FAB in it!

toy bin, toy basket, children's bedroom, kid's bedroom, kid's toys, organizing toys

For all of you DIYers out there… this one is very inspirational! Or, if you hate DIY…buy it here.

Happy Tip Tuesday! If you have any organizational issues that you need tips on, contact us at tips@neatmethod.com


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