Tip Tuesday :: Surviving the Polar Vortex

Hard to face – it's currently FRIGID in most of the Midwest & Eastern States! And while some beotches NEAT Girls are currently beach lounging in sunny California, others across the country are forced to remain indoors to avoid the Artic blast also known as the Polar Vortex.

Clearly it's too cold to even enjoy sledding or building snowmen! So what could you be doing for entertainment indoors – besides drink hot cocoa and bake endless amounts of cookies?? How about a little DIY in the organizing category!

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If you're lucky enough, the kids are at school and you can tackle a kid's closet project! This one is a team favorite for sure! If you don't have the supplies, and it is just too cold to go out and get them, how about clicking and adding this to your e-shopping cart instead?


children's closet, kids closet, organization, room organization, clothing organization, organized space, DIY, inspiration

Ready to make a mark on your own closet? Try this seemingly simlple DIY… Or! As usual – just buy it here!

DIY, inspiration, jeans, closet, master closet, organized closet, polar vortex, Chicago

This next one made the list because it is a perfect solution for small apartments – three simple hooks and a basket is all it takes to make this entryway look NEAT. Did we mention that the blog this photo comes from is adorable too?

entryway, DIY, inspiration, hallway, hooks, coat closet, closet space, home organization

If you are at home enjoying your hot cocoa and cookies but want to allude that you have been productive, then just head over to this Etsy shop and purchase some amazing labels to be put to use around the house! 

labels, DIY, Etsy, organization, home organized, dog treats, home decor, dog label, treats, dog food, pets, pet supplies

Well, we hope these tips took your minds of the cold. If nothing else, stay warm and add a little rum to your hot cocoa!!!!


the NEAT girls

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