Tip Tuesday:: Trick-or-NEAT

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy October!! Welcome to our NEAT Treats for this Halloween…

Ever feel disappointed when the cash register rings up your amazing costume and you find out that it cost way more than it should??? Never have buyers remorse again with Green Halloween! This amazing company puts on "National Costume Swap Day" all across America where you can trade old Halloween costumes for new ones…find one in your area.

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For those of you with multiple little ones, you may want to hang on to a few costumes that can get recycled between kids. They'll never know if you don't take pictures!! Our best advice for storage is to make sure the sides of the bin are transparent so you can see what you've saved. This Halloween Tote is festive yet functional AND a great size!

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Enough about costumes, obviously the sweet treats are what we REALLY care about. If you are having a party, we just love these fun treat displays! Ummm if you aren't, well maybe you should … there is still time! And don't forget to invite us!

NEAT sweets ::

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NEAT "finger food" ::

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We hope this inspires you for an organized October! 


the NEAT girls