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With April now in full swing we are certain that your Spring cleaning is complete! Right?!? No procrastinators in this group! If so, you are probably asking yourself why that took so long and what can be done to make sure you never spend a Saturday inside cleaning again. ESPECIALLY now that the sun is hanging out more often!

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Today we are sharing a few tips that are sure to reduce your cleaning time and have you enjoying more of that fresh Spring air. 

Tip #1: Get a container for your cleaning products. We recommend a clear storage container with a handle so that it can easily be pulled out when needed. If you have more supplies than what fits in a large container you likely have too many – combine like bottles and dispose of the old ones. This way you know exactly what you have and aren't buying unneccessary things!

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Tip #2: Hang all large cleaning tools. The Evrihold Magic Wall Organizer is a great way to store your brooms and mops. It is compact, easy to install and adjusts to the size of each tool's handle.

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Tip #3: NEATly fold and store rags in a basket near your cleaning products. Even old rags are okay to throw away after awhile, so don't keep more than what fits in a small basket.

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It's true that even your cleaning supplies need a little tidying sometimes! We hope that even if you have procrastinated a bit (don't worry your not alone), you are now feeling inspired to tackle that Spring cleaning.

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