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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's that dreaded time of year when you start panicking about getting all of your holiday cards out on time! STOP … no need to panic, because its not too late! We have some contact organizing tips that will have you done in no time.

Tip #1 – Whether your contacts are on your blackberry, iPhone or in your email account, you will need to first export them to an excel file. For iPhone users, this requires downloading the Contacts Backup – IS Contact Kit app. Once the app is downloaded, click 'export' – 'all contacts' – 'excel' – 'email'.

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Tip #2 – Once the excel file is opened, delete all rows that contain contacts you don't wish to send your holiday card to. Save as 'Final Christmas List 2012'.

Tip #3 – Purchase blank address labels. We just love these Holiday red ones from Paper-Source.

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Tip #4 – Do a Microsoft Word mail merge by following these steps :: 

  • Open a new Word document.
  • Go to Tools – Mail Merge Manager.
  • Under Document Type, click 'Create New', and then 'Labels'. Select product manufactuerer and the product number, then click OK.
  • Under Select Recipients List, click 'Get List', and then select the CSV file that you saved earlier.
  • On the 'Insert Merge Field' pop-up menu, click the column name from your CSV file that you wish to appear first. 
Continue to select column names and lay them out with the proper returns and spaces. For example ::

    «Prefix». «First_Name» «Last_Name»
    «Address_1_City», «Address_1_State»«Address_1_ZIP»

  • After you add all the fields you want, click 'OK' and your field names will be copied into the labels in your template.
  • Format the template with the fonts, sizes and alignment you wish to see on your labels.
  • Then under 'Complete Merge' click 'Merge to New Document' and your labels will be populated from your CSV file.
  • Immediately save and then print!!

Tip #5 – Finally, be sure to get your best family photo together!

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We hope this helps make sending your holiday cards a super easy process this year!! Now send us your Holiday cards!

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