Tip Tuesday:: What a NEAT Girl Says You MUST do by the End of Summer

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer is almost over. Yes – we just gave you the cold, hard, facts. BUT there is still time to check some things off of your, "Summer Must-Do" list. The NEAT girls have given their their advice on how you should spend the last days of summer. Brooke in Chicago says you cannot miss going to an outdoor concert or music festival. Lolla Palooza just ended in Chicago but it's not too late to check for local events!

Chicago, Lolla Palooza, music festival, summer, chicago events, outdoor concerts, music, activities,

Julia in Columbus wants to make sure you do not miss a beautiful sunset by the lake. She took this picture earlier this summer at Lake Erie!

Columbus, Lake Erie, sunset, water, beach, dusk, twilight, Julia Purdy

In Michigan, Lauren wants you to try something new! Her daughter, Perry opted to taste test sand (not recommended!)

Lauren Combs, Michigan, Perry Combs, beach towel, surfboards, baby, baby girl, beach hat, sand,

Maria has had a chance to get on a sailboat this summer in New York and suggests you don't miss out! 

New York, Maria Kontovas, sailboat, bay, Hudson Bay, Hamptons, yacht, summer, water, beach

In San Diego, Katie says it's not summer unless you've had at least one day at the beach – we agree!

Katie Koentje, beach, baby, baby boy, summer, sand, ocean, waves, mom, mother son,

In South Florida, Marissa agrees with Katie, execpt she thinks your beach should have a beautiful palm tree to rest up against and enjoy some shade… 

Marissa Hagmeyer, South Florida, beach, palm trees, south beach, miami, Ft Lauderdale,

In Arizona, you can't beat the heat in the summer so Mika says if you haven't already, enjoy a splash pad!

Mika Perry, Scottsdale, Phoenix, splash pad, water park, little girl, summer, swimsuit

Finally, Lisa in San Francisco says a summer isn't complete without a big, juicy piece of watermelon. We couldn't agree more. 

Lisa Ruff, San Francisco, Little girl, watermelon, summer, fruit,

We hope enjoy the end of your summer and check a few of our ideas off your list!


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