Tip Tuesday :: What's in this NEAT girls beach bag??

Monday, June 16, 2014

Its ninety degrees and officially SUMMER TIME for the majority of the country! AKA time for endless pool parties and beach gatherings! And since most people don't want to miss one minute of prime sunshine, we are (literally) spilling our gal Brooke's bag to see what essentials she packs for the occasion! 

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Beach Bag :: Nasty Gal USA Towel :: Native Union Monocle Speakers :: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon :: Spruts Nuts :: Honest SPF :: Westward Leaning Sunnies :: Echo Clearly Cool Beach Set :: Flight 001 Go Clean Beach Set :: 

Brooke definitely has some great Summer essentials packed! WIth a bag full of goodies, it's time to head out and catch a TAN!


the NEAT girls

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