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Everyone has at least one small space somewhere in their home – whether it's a closet, bathroom, or even a family room! The question is, how can you maximize these small spaces to function to their full potential? Well good thing we are here to save the day, or should we say…save the small space! Check out three of our favorite websites who are offering up some great solutions for high impact! 

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1. Our friends over at Elizabeth St. (a website dedicated to stylish Moms) – are always offering up great ideas to make life easier for both Mom (and Dad)! For example, what do you do when you have two children living in just one room? How do you make it work?? Talk about a common situation for many city living families – get all their tips here!


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2. Over at Apartment Therapy, they are the kings and queens of maximizing small spaces. We absolutely LOVE them for so many reasons, but mainly because they are constantly providing fresh, fun ideas and solutions on how to make any apartment space work – both aesthetically and functionally! Check out one of our latest favorite reads: 6 Ideas to Steal for Your Small Space

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3. Real Simple is also always dishing out some great ideas on how to organize and make everything seem and feel, well… simple! While we are constantly inspired by their ideas, we always make an effort to flip through each monthly magazine to learn new and innovative ways to make a space NEAT. Check out this post for creative storage ideas for small spaces – including implementing proper paper zones!  

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Have a small space and are not sure where to begin? Email info@neatmethod.com and we would be happy help!


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