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Dear NEAT Method,

I wish I were more organized with greeting cards for friends. I always seem to need one, but since I am a Doctor I never find time to buy them when necessary. Any suggestions to help save time and make me be a better friend??

xoxo, Emily

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Dearest Dr. Emily,

We are more than happy to help you! We definitely recommend stocking up on a few different types of cards, so next time you are in a pinch you can just pull one out and be on your merry way!

Kate Spade has tons of super cute greeting cards, including this “Many Thanks and Lots of Love” card ::

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Flaunt also offers a ton of card options that your friends will enjoy receiving. How cute is this one ::

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Mr. Boddington’s Studio makes beautiful and elegant blank cards that are perfect for any occasion. We are loving the Painted Edge Correspondence Chevron Set ::

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And for those truly unable to remain organized, Chicago based The Card Aisle has a super clever card that seems to cover just about everything ::

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Once you’ve picked out an array of cards to keep on hand, it is best to stash them in an organized matter where it will be easy to access. We recommend filing by genre into one of these from Restoration Hardware ::

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and sealing in style with a monogramed stamp ::

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Now get to writing that love letter!


the NEAT girls


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