Top 3 Things Men Hoard: What Every Woman Should Know Before Moving In

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Like it or not, we all have things that we accumulate over time. Most of the time this happens without us even knowing. After working with many men, NEAT has put together the top 3 things that men tend to hoard in their homes. Now, if you are starting to think that we are insinuating that it is all the man’s fault – you are wrong. We will have a follow up post with the top 3 things woman hoard as well!

Men and women alike, you can thank us now. Guys, we will help you aviod a fight when your lady friend moves in and ladies…’ve been warned.

Without further adieu, the “Three C’s.”

#1 Men hoard CORDS (hey, that rhymes).

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NEAT has decided that men must have a fear that cords cannot be replaced. When working with our male clients, we have seen cords from old televisions to first computers and old remote control cars. NEAT’s rule is: if you haven’t used the cord in the past two years (and that is being nice). You can likely kiss it goodbye.

#2 Men hoard COSTUMES (and we don’t mean sexy firemen ones)

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Whether it is a single or married man, NEAT has found that every guy likes to keep costumes “just in case.” I mean, who doesn’t need a go-to disco outfit right? Chances are, if you wore the costume last year (and we aren’t judging you… grown men…) you will not want to be the same thing again this year. Just saying…

#3 Men hoard CRAP MAIL

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For some reason, we have found a trend with men and mail. When the mail comes in, it gets glanced through for important things and then the rest is placed on a desk. Here is a helpful hint: When you have grabbed your mail and you are walking into your home, have a recycling bin near by. Then, train your hand to let go of the items into that bin instead of on your desk. Trust us, this training process will be much less painful than the argument of your “stuff being everywhere” with your lady!

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