Top 5 Resolutions and How to Keep Them This Year

Friday, January 9, 2015

This year, we want you to make a resolution and keep it! Since organizing typically makes the popular list, we know a thing or two about ensuring a resolution is accomplished in the New Year. Here are the top five resolutions and how we think you should see them through!

The 5th Most Popular Resolution :: Stay Fit and Healthy – If this resolution sounds familiar to you, we suggest you look into the Fitbit or the new Health App that comes with the Apple IOS8!

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The 4th Most Popluar Resolution :: Enjoy Life to the Fullest – Ready to start today on the right foot? Consider following National Geographic, Go Pro and Lonely Planet to inspire your next adventure!

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The 3rd Most Popular Resolution :: Spend Less, Save More – This can be a tough one if you are not the most financially savvy. Lucky for you, these apps help make money management simple. Mint is the most well known, You Need a Budget makes things quite clear, and we love LearnVest because it was also started by a female entrepreneur!

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The 2nd Most Popular Resolution :: Get Organized – Let’s keep it simple (our favorite thing to do!) Enter The Organizing Store‘s 31 days of giveaways and continue to find organizational inspiration here!

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The #1 Most Popular Resolution :: Lose Weight – If you are not ready to join Weight Watchers and prefer a more personal and private weight loss journey, consider signing up for Rise. You will be on your way to your goal weight in no time!

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We hope you are able to keep your resolutions this year (at least for the month)! Cheers to living a happier, healthier and more organized 2015!


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