Toronto Coffee Bar Transformation

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Organizer Spotlight: Luisa Lauriola

In the city of Toronto, Ontario, a unique project required combining the love of espresso with the art of organization. Professional organizer, Luisa Lauriola, and the NEAT Method Toronto team, took on the challenge of transforming a client's coffee bar into a practical and visually elevated experience. The client was a connoisseur of espresso and faced the challenge of storing an extensive collection of collectible espresso cups that were difficult to access.

The Espresso Challenge

With a passion for including espresso at every meal, the client's main obstacle was their assortment of over 100 collectible cups that were tucked away, underutilized and difficult to access. And while their collection was fully functional; they were also pieces of art, memories from travels, and tokens of special moments that deserved a spotlight.

A Creative Blend

The solution Luisa and her team came up with was innovative and unique. Collaborating with the client's designer in their new home, they envisioned a coffee bar that not only enhanced the functionality of the space but also served as a gallery for the client's collection. The plan was to sort through the collection, determining the best way to display each piece without compromising accessibility or the aesthetic of the home.

Overcoming the Storage Struggle

The challenge was to create a display that protected the delicate nature of the collection while making each piece easily accessible. Traditional storage solutions were too restrictive and hid the beauty of each cup. Luisa's solution included the design of 16 cubbies equipped with black glass-edged doors and backlit interiors, transforming the coffee bar into a museum-like exhibit that celebrated each cup's unique story.

The Highlight Reel

The client's favorite aspect of the new coffee bar was the transformation of their collection into a functional art display. Luisa's vision went beyond simple organization, creating a space that inspired daily use and appreciation of the collection. 

Beyond a Product

What truly transformed the space, was the collaborative effort to integrate the client's collection into their daily routine in a meaningful way. By being part of the design process from the start, Luisa and her team were able to ensure that the final coffee bar was not just organized, but a bespoke feature of the home that reflected the client's passion for espresso.

A Unique Space

This project allowed Luisa to consult on a custom built design with a focus on the client's needs and lifestyle. It showcases the power of creative problem-solving and collaboration between organizer and designer, resulting in a space that the owner could be proud of.

In Toronto, the creation of this coffee bar stands out due to thoughtful design and organization, proving that even the most personal collections can be integrated into our homes in ways that enhance our daily lives and celebrate our passions. Luisa Lauriola's work on this project solved a functional problem and crafted an inspiring space that brought calm and joy with every cup.


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