Transformation Tuesday :: Get the Details on this Amazing Before & After Home Office

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy "Transformation Tuesday"! In honor of loving your home, we decided to share with you some of our recent favorite before and afters of spaces we have completed. This particular office was completed by Mika, our NEAT girl from Scottsdale. She came in and gave it her magic touch! Find out the details (from Mika herself!) about the transformation below::

NM:: Can you tell me how long it took you to complete the space?
MP:: One day w/ 3 organizers (there was also a pantry area, bookshelf, desk, and filing that we did) 
NM:: What was the situation at the client's home?
MP:: They had lived in there for a while and were starting to remodel and revaamp their spaces. Both husband and wife are successful and busy business owners with a little boy, so this home office ended up being a "catch all" for all their items they didn't have a system for putting away and didn't have the time to deal with. 
NM::What is the purpose of this closet? What do they use it for?
MP:: It's the reach in closet of a home office. They will be remodeling this room in the future, so we didn't want to make any long-term investments into to the space but rather work with what we had and sort through and eliminate the clutter and maximize the current space and functionality. 
NM:: What did the client have to say about the space?
MP:: She sent us a thank you card and it said the following:: "Mika, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful job you did. Your professionalism and great attention to detail is amazing! Thank you, Ericka."
NM::What do you think was the change you made that had the biggest overall improvement?
MP::Visualizing the space not only as a storage space for typical home office items like chargers and photo albums but also as a fun craft area. The client is a master at hosting showers and parties for her big family and large circle of friends, so we wanted to make it a more inspiring place for craft, party supplies, and gift wrapping. We also made it a dual-user space for the husband, who needed to store equipment in the space as well. We think we meshed all the the needs pretty well! 
NM:: Okay people are going to want to know…How much you spent on product to transform the space?
MP:: $448.48 (included in that price but not pictured are filing, a desk, bookshelf and pantry)
NM:: Is there anything else that our readers should know about this fun project?
MP:: The client did this as a surprise for her husband while they were out of town!!!  
It sounds like the client certainly fell in love with the space again! This month, we hope you find inspiration from this transformation and make a change in your home!
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