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Happy Wednesday NEAT friends! You’ll be hearing a lot from us over the next few weeks because NEAT is growing. We are thrilled to announce that yet another city is getting NEATer, well technically TWO! Please meet Lauren Alsup from The Twin Cities. We asked Lauren a few questions so you can get to know her and love her just like we do.

Lauren Alsup, Twin Cities, Professional Organizer

NM :: Lauren, we’re so thrilled you’re joining NEAT, what made you want to run NEAT in your market?
LA :: The twin cities have evolved so much in the past 10 years that in a way we’ve outgrown our spaces. I watch and hear more and more how people don’t know what to do with their spaces and how stuff is leading to overall frustration in life. I believe people should live their best life, free of what stresses and annoyances we can. If NEAT can help with just a small smidge of this, I will feel better about my impact on the cities.

NM :: You seem to truly LOVE the Twin Cities. What makes it unique?
LA :: The geography, midwestern spirit, “dontcha know” attitude, 9 months of winter, and amazing new restaurants that seem to pop up every day.

Lauren Alsup, Twin Cities, Professional Organizer

NM :: Sounds like a great place! What do you think is going to be your favorite part of running NEAT Twin Cities?
LA :: Being able to combine my two passions, interior organization & running a business.

NM :: Sounds like you have business experience, what did you do before you ran NEAT?
LA :: I owned a marketing consultancy.

Lauren Alsup, Twin Cities, Professional Organizer

NM :: Speaking of business, do you have a business that you admire?
LA :: Yes, Bumble. And no, I've never used it. I admire it becasue it's run by a powerhouse woman who had a bad experience working for someone so she turned around and created her own service. They have the most interesting marketing and have helped take away any social stigma around online dating.

Lauren Alsup, Twin Cities, Professional Organizer

NM :: That's awesome! Do you have any hidden talents we should know about?
LA :: I'm an expert downhill skier, conquering black diamonds since the age of 2.

NM :: Wow that's impressive! Now impress us with your most organized space.
LA :: Here's a picture of my closet!

Lauren Alsup, Twin Cities, Professional Organizer

NM :: That looks great! Is there any area of your home that isn't as organized?
LA :: Yes, my husband's basket of workout shirts and hoodies doesn't stay organized for more than a day… he's messy!

Lauren Alsup, Twin Cities, Professional Organizer

NM :: Well, you can't win them all! What is your favorite product to use to organize things?
LA :: Clear acrylic jars from The Container Store are great for anything from food products to loose change.

Lauren Alsup, Twin Cities, Professional Organizer

NM :: Okay, one last question: Where are your favorite places to shop & eat in the Twin Cities?
LA :: The Galleria in Edina and Grand Ave for shopping, and for food Chino LatinoPhil'sSalut Bar Américain, and my own kitchen – my husband is a fantastic Mexican chef.

Lauren Alsup, Twin Cities, Professional Organizer

NM :: That sure makes up for the shirt basket! Thank you so much for giving us a little glimpse into your life. We're thrilled to have you as a part of the NEAT family.

Twin Cities, get ready to be NEAT!

the NEAT girls

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  • Kellee Vedders

    Hey Lauren Alsup!

    I’m so glad you are bringing this Neat Method to the Twin Cities! I too want to come along side people who desire organizing, simplifying and taking back our precious time! How can I be apart of this great movement? If you are ever looking to expand your team here, I’d love to buy you a coffee and chat!

    – Kellee

  • Nishan

    Beautiful looking..! Nice out-feet for all collection and colour combination are also good

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