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Hi! It’s us – NEAT Method! Did you think that we fell off the face of the earth? Did you miss us?? We know we have pretty much been MIA since our big trip to Savannah, Tennessee but we have good reason. WE. ARE. SWAMPED! Apparently everyone decided all at once that they wanted help with Spring cleaning (or as we like to call it Spring organizing).

As a, “We are sorry, we didn’t mean to neglect you” gift, we figured we would give you some quick tips for your own Spring organizing!

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Tip #1 – Get rid of your old “sheet”

Okay, so that was our attempt at a joke, but SERIOUSLY most people find the need to have 10 extra sets of sheets for TWO beds! WHY?? If you have any mis-matched sets, that is a good place to start. If you have all matching sets (which is impressive) narrow down your backstock by comfort, color, or whatever it takes to open some space in your linen closet.


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Tip # 2 – If it’s broke, FIX IT

Take a look at all of your winter sweaters, scarves, and jackets – which ones have not seen a dry cleaner all winter? Which ones have holes or lost a button? We know you have started a small pile of things that need to be fixed that you haven’t gotten around to. Now is the time to do it so that next time you bring them out to wear, you are excited to see them and not burdened by tasks.

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Tip #3 – Contain Yourself!

What do you have an over abundance of that you cannot get rid of? Is it snacks? Sandals? Jewelry? You know we want you to narrow down your collection, but if you seriously can’t, please spare your house guests from your…ahem…hoarding…ahem… and get some great looking containers. If you look at any home blog these days, it is very popular to store your food in matching, attractive containers. Crate and Barrel makes some good looking options for all of your favorite treats!


Okay, have we fulfilled the NEAT void in your life? We promise to be more attentive to you this Spring if you promise to pay more attention to your place! Send photos of your Spring cleaning, we would love to share/inspire others with your work!


Molly & Ashley

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