Want Twice the Clothes and Use Half The Space?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy Thursday! This title seems impossible right?? We thought so too until we found our new best friend…

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Please meet LE TOTE. You may recall that we mentioned them not that long ago in another post. After having a wonderful chat with them, we discovered we had a lot more in common with them than we thought! Think of them as the "Netflix for your closet." For $49 per month, LE TOTE sends you unlimited clothes to wear and send back when you are done. LE TOTE takes care of shipping each way, as well as all dry cleaning, washing and sanitizing items.

Instead of feeling compelled to purchase that trendy jumpsuit that might only be around for one season…just rent one from LE TOTE.  They give you the freedom to try new trends without the commitment of purchasing, saving you money and room in your dresser drawers.

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And BEST NEWS YET, LE TOTE just announced they are expanding into maternity wear!  So for all you future mamas out there, your maternity wardrobe just got a whole lot larger!  They will be launching the maternity collection in the fall, but in the meantime, sign up for the wait list and earn great perks and prizes across the coming months! We know a few Moms who would have loved to take advantage of this not too long ago….

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Want to give it a whirl? LE TOTE is offering 25% off your first month of service with the promo code NEATTOTE. Your hanging bar in your closet thanks you!


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