We are Officially Breaking the Streak

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What streak you ask?? The Midwestern-rooted employee streak that is!

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our Lead Organizer and Austrian born, Nancy Winkelmann Clark. 

Living in San Francisco for just under a year, Nancy enjoys painting, being in the California sun, and organizing like a mad woman! Besides her husband, the love of her life is her pup “Fiona, our sweetheart of a dog.”

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, German Shepard, Girl and Dog

Nancy is a serious a sucker for the CW – relishing in Gossip Girl, while enjoying gummie snacks.  So is she on Team Chuck, Dan, or Nate? "Well certainly not Dan with that awful mop of hair in the last season, Nate is most attractive, but Chuck Bass has that mystery that is appealing to most girls." So true!

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, festive drinks

And when asked what her most embarrassing moment is, her response: “Every. day. of. my. life. Just kidding, sort of… I've always been on the quiet, 'look at me and I blush' side, so let's just say I embarrass a little too easily to just have one moment.” We love her just the way she is!

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, Nicholas Clark, vacation,

So what makes Nancy a fabulous edition to the team? Her ridiculous attention to detail (she claims “it's obnoxious to most, namely her husband”) but it is super helpful in executing the NEAT touch! Also having a design background and need to make things look 'just so,' doesn't always hurt either. 

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, pink dress, cute girl

AND have you noticed? She has a scary resemblance to Amanda Seyfried. Proving it:

Nancy Clark, Nancy Winklemann, Amanda Seyfried, doppleganger, Le Mis, Le Miserable, Oscar Awards, Academy Awards, Golden Globes

We are so lucky to have another fabulously organized and fun loving girl join the NEAT Method team! We are sure you will love her just as much as we do!!


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