We Will Make Y’all NEAT!

With a state that has the reputation of Southen drawls, Southern Bells, amazing barbeque and even better music, NEAT could not be more thrilled to be heading to Tennessee to help a lucky Manpacks contest winner become a, "Better Man" in 2012! If you did not read our post from earlier this month, NEAT was comissioned by Manpacks to help search for one man and assist him in achieving his goals in 2012.  We will be doing our part by organizing his kitchen and bedroom and Manpacks will be giving him a free years subscription to their amazing manly goods. 

Tennessee Necklace, Nashville, Silver Necklace

Our Current Questions Regarding our Upcoming Trip:

– Will we get a little tan?

– Can we wear cowboy boots to the job?

– How much barbeque can we eat in two days before it is considered, "too much"?

Tennessee print, Tennessee Art

What You Can Expect From NEAT:

– Amazing footage of NEAT traveling

– Some impressive before and after photos

– Lots of Facebook and Twitter Updates regarding the food we eat, and the things we see

– Basically two days of non stop entertainment from the road 


Molly & Ashley

White Picket Fence, Pasture, Green grass, countryside

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