Wedding gifts to KIMYE!

So unless you live under a rock, everyone already knows that the "King & Queen of the United States of America" were recently married this past weekend in Italy. Congrats to the newly married Kim Kardashian and Kayne West…aka Kimye!

Of course we were dying to see the dress, but we were even more curious to find out exactly what the newlyweds recieved in terms of gifts?! Well… we don't really know the answer to that – BUT, we do have some great ideas on what they could/should have received! And these wedding gift ideas might just come in handy next time you attend a wedding this summer!

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For the couple that likes to have a good time and put back a few cocktails, check out Julibox. Each month, the newlyweds will receive a box at their door filled with two great cocktails + recipes. WIth enough ingredients to make two cocktails of each recipe (four in sum), it is the perfect gift that keeps on giving each month! Cheers to the Mr & Mrs!

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What do you do for the couple whose registery has already been filled and already have everything they could ever need? Other than giving straight up ca$h (which is fine by us!)…think about giving customized plastic Tervis Tumblers with pictures of the happy couple. Perfect for those summer BBQs and any outdoor dining event. How cute are these??

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If you haven't heard of NewlyWish – now is the time to check it out! Not only do they have great unique gift ideas (think home decor, experiences, honeymoon funds, etc) — BUT, the just so happen to have NEAT Method as an option. Say what?! Perhaps the newlyweds are just moving into together after the big day…how perfect would giving the gift of NEAT be? We think so 😉

Plus we all know the saying "Happy Wife = Happy Life" but shouldn't it really be "Happy Organized Home = Happy Life"?! 😉

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Cheers to kicking off wedding season in true fashion – you actually buy an amazing gift, and on time!


the NEAT girls

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