We're Crushing on a Cali #Babe

Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh boy NEAT friends, do we have a new crush for you!! This blonde & bubbly midwestern gal has a serious passion for her super cute blog, a luxurious swimwear line, and basically anything preppy. 

Meet Allison "Dolder" McDonald (and all her personal insider scoop)!

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The Dirty:: Hi friends! I'm Allison Dolder McDonald! I co-founded a blog called Tartan & Sequins with my fabulous friend Julia – we describe it as “the life & style blog/love child of two California girls with a passion for all things preppy and fabulous.” An Ohio native, I graduated from Miami University in 2006 and spent a few years post-grad living in Lincoln Park, putting a polished big-city spin on my preppy Midwestern style. In 2010, I married my college sweetheart and moved to paradise (Newport Beach, California), where we live with a very sassy maltipoo named Clementine. I am insanely lucky to work for L*Space Swimwear as the social media & marketing specialist – I work with the most awesome people, and am seriously obsessed with the brand. In my spare time, I love reading a good book at the beach, getting my tush handed to me at bikram yoga, drinking pinot noir with my crazy amazing friends, and of course, doing Clementine's bidding. 

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My most OCD Tendency:: I can't stand book jackets! I usually throw them away immediately – I just adore the look of a hardcover book without the jacket! Oh, and I organize my bookshelves by color. Wow. Re-reading that, I sound a little unstable – I promise I'm not completely "no wire hangers" about it! 

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My most organized space:: My accessories armoire and my jewelry box! I am a huge believer in using accessories to change up your look. But it's kind of tough to do so, if you can't even see all the fab stuff you have to work with! It took me forever to find a way to organize my necklaces and bracelets. 

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My least organized space:: My makeup drawer. It's so, so shameful. Samples everywhere, and a green eyeshadow exploded in the bottom of my makeup bag, which I always forget until I am digging around and come out with green monster hands. 

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How can we not help this green-handed monster? We reccomend purchasing stacking acrylic drawer organizers to seperate makeup items. We also like to keep "testers" seperated in a travel section, either in a different drawer or under the sink. This super cute travel Fleabag is perfect for keeping all your mini-sized-favorites organized! 

Adore her as much as we do? Please feel free to stalk her here: 

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