We’re Hot for Your Drawers!

Seriously, we are hot for your drawers…. IF they look like this! We can’t stop gawking at the beauty of Real Simple’s organization in small spaces! Here are a few of our favorite photos:

organized drawer, bamboo organizer, junk drawer, NEAT Method, office supplies



Organized electronics, cords, arranged drawer, drawer inserts , NEAT Method



Organized tupperware, organized drawer, kitchen, organized kitchen, organize, NEAT Method

Send us a photo of your best drawer! (Keep it rated G people…)


Ashley & Molly

** To read the full Real Simple article, click here.

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  • Lauren Warner

    There are a lot of thing about my mother that I adore and emulate in my adult life. Her organizational skills are not one of them. Growing up with messy closets and things called “junk drawers” I believe, lead me to my border line neurotic need to be organized. After I mastered every drawer, closet, cupboard and shelf in my own home I decided to go back to my roots and help my mother get her home under control once and for all. Check out my masterpiece; “The Junk Drawer!”


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