We’re Jealous…

Fine! We admit it! We have spent an EXCESSIVE amount of time on Pintrest this week and we are officially jealous of other people’s organization! How is it that you can go on Pinterest to look for ombre Fourth of July cakes and come out drooling over someone’s spice rack? Although we have come up with very few creative ideas for our Fourth of July parties, we have some organization envy that we MUST share with you all.

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Ummmmmm…. Can you say craft closet envy? We are still trying to figure out why on earth you would ever need this many crafting materials and how anyone has this much extra space in their home (details, details) BUT if we were crafters, THIS is what our space would look like.

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We seriously almost fainted when we saw this spice cupboard. You think we are kidding… we’re not… If we are going to get picky though – we obviously would have alphabetized those spices and picked a riser that was metal or wood – IF we were getting picky… Not to mention, we didn’t even know there was such thing as FONT ENVY until these labels came around!

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Okay, we know what you are thinking. Why on earth would we be jealous of a toy storage idea?? Although we secertly do not have a stash of water guns and chalk, it is hard to find an attractive storage idea for a garage when it comes to kids. This is a simple look that needs to be in every parents garage from now on – Capiche?

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And last but certainly not least, picture NEAT’s office looking like this. As a matter of fact, we are sitting at that desk this very minute writing this blog post. Jealous?? Although we went from, “Type A” to, “ADD” on Pinterest, we hope you had fun looking at our current obsessions. We hope you have a fabulous Fourth with family and friends! While you are out at the parade, we will be attempting an ombre cake!



The NEAT Girls

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  • Justine

    Those curtains that you have for the craft closet where did you get them?? I really love them and would love to put them in my bedroom!

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