What All Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Thursday, April 29, 2021

By now, your mom's drawers and cupboards are most likely already full of face masks, candles and personalized jewelry. It's time to think outside the box this Mother's Day and give her a gift she really needs - organization. We're sharing tips and tricks on how to surprise her by quickly sprucing up a few key places in the home.

SPICES | Uniform spice jars are such a simple way to make a big impact in the kitchen.

  • Pre-purchase enough spice jars for her collection.
  • Gather all spices together.
  • Toss any that are expired.
  • Measure the shelf or drawer before implementing a riser or insert.
  • Add labels and expiration dates to the new spice jars.
  • Use a funnel to transfer.
  • Line up spices in alphabetical order.


UTILITY DRAWER | Often called the "junk drawer", this space in the home is often neglected but easy to organize. 

  • Empty the drawer
  • Categorize everything
  • Edit out items to be tossed, donated or relocated to another area of the home. Really consider what items should stay and what can live elsewhere. 
  • Measure and record width x height x depth of the drawer.
  • Place categories back in the drawer within an expandable drawer organizer or individual organizers - based on your measurements. 


    LINEN CLOSET | The linen closet is another place in the home that is less time consuming to organize but will make a big impact.  

    • Pull everything out, categorizing as you go. 
    • If medicine is stored here, check expiration dates and toss those that are expired.
    • Set aside any old linens that you think she may be willing to donate. Any that are torn or stained should be tossed or repurposed as a rag.
    • Fold linens in stacks with the fold facing out, either by type or room. 
    • Place everything back, making sure medicine is located out of reach of children. 
    • Measure shelves before implementing any new products. Our bestselling oxford bin is perfect for containing folded linens.
    • Lastly, label any bins or baskets. 


      CAR | Okay, so this one might involve a trip to the car wash, but a clean car is a gift that everyone appreciates.

      • Empty the center console and glovebox and remove any clutter that has accumulated.
      • Categorize everything before deciding what belongs in the car and what needs to be tossed, donated or relocated. 
      • Give it a wash and a good vacuum.
      • Lastly, contain small categories in labeled pouches and consider implementing an organizer for the trunk. 
      Too overwhelmed to tackle a project on your own? Connect with her local NEAT team to purchase a gift certificate or send her a gift card so she can choose her own bins or baskets. 
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