What A Girl Wants…

In the words of Christina Aguilera…."What a girls wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes me happy and sets you free!"…we are once again taking advantage of the start of December by sharing some of the NEAT girls' holiday wish lists! So…please let our husbands, friends and family members know if you see them.

Obvioulsy, first and foremost comes what a NEAT girl wants, but stay tuned in the upcoming weeks to find out what some of the men, children and organized NEAT freaks will be getting as well!

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1) Joyce, in Naples, would love to see a new Staub in her new kitchen.

2) Laura, from Naperville, is looking for a new planner to keep her organized in 2017. 

3) Our San Diego girl, Katie, wants this Natalie Borton piece to add to her jewelry collection. 

4) Our Denver newlywed, Allo, is hoping for some new furnishings like this fun chair this year. 

5) Lisa, wants to up her San Francisco street style with these cute new boots

6) Ashley, in DC, is hoping roses that last a year will appear under her tree. 


Cheers to the Holiday Season and to all of you! 


the NEAT girls

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