What He'll Love This Fathers Day

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Father's Day is around the corner. Not excited about splurging on another gift he may or may not use? Out of sight, out of mind is typically at play here. Give Dad (or whoever you can count on for terrible jokes) the gift of organization, so he can easily visualize everything he owns - he may even start wearing that tie you got him last year. 

TIES | Make them easy to find...and put away.

  • Gather all his ties together.

  • Sort by color.

  • Edit out any that you know he hasn't worn in over a year. Set them aside for donation - pending approval, of course.

  • After editing, get a count of how many ties will be returning to the closet. 

  • If space allows, consider rolling ties into these organizers for display on a shelf or in a drawer. For tighter closets, we like using something like this.

  • Lastly, arrange ties in color order for easy selection and a clean visual.


 HATS | Say goodbye to stacks of hidden ball caps.

  • Gather all his hats from around the house.

  • Categorize by type, then by color. 

  • Do a quick edit of any that are well-loved or damaged beyond repair. 

  • Locate a closet wall or shelf where structured hats could be displayed. For smaller spaces, consider lining them up by color in one or more labeled bins. 

 BBQ | Give him even more time doing what he loves.

  • Gather all grilling and smoking items from around the kitchen. In addition to the obvious, consider lighters, basting brushes and meat thermometers too. 

  • If necessary, give everything a quick clean to refresh them for the summer.

  • Sort by type.

  • Locate a cabinet drawer near the door, closest to the grill. 

  • Measure drawer interior (width, depth and height).

  • Based on dimensions, divide each tool category with the appropriate size drawer dividers.



    TOOLS | Make those projects even easier to check off the list.

    • As with every other category, you'll want to gather all his tools together. 

    • Categorize them by type, creating subcategories as necessary.

    • Based on the amount of tools, consider a tool box or utility wall solution. 

    • Arrange each category within your chosen system, placing most frequently used items in "prime real estate" zones like the top level of a tool box or eye level on a utility board.  

    • For added visual appeal, line up each category from smallest to largest. 


    GROOMING | For a beard that's always trim.

    • Empty the space where he keeps all his everyday bathroom toiletries.

    • Sort the items by type, making sure to toss anything that is expired or broken. 

    • Based on frequency of use, locate a drawer or cupboard to store all his items together and give it a wipe down. 

    • Measure the space before purchasing easy wipe bins or drawer organizers to separate each category. 

    • Add a label just inside the drawer or shelf so he knows exactly what category belongs there.


    Too overwhelmed to tackle a project on your own? Connect with his local NEAT team and let pros take it from here. 



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