What a NEAT Girl Does With An Extra Day…

Saturday, February 27, 2016

This year, we are celebrating, Leap Year which means we have one extra day in February to get things together! Need some inspiration on what to do with your bonus time? The NEAT girls have you COVERED. Check out what our team is up to…

With the extra time, Julia is finally getting around to sanding and refinishing the original 1800's wood floors in her home office. Something tells us her super handy husband might be helping her out with this…Raise your hand if you want to see a picture of the finished project!!

Mika and her husband, Russ are going to hit the golf course with their extra day. They are celebrating 7 years together on the 28th so why not let the celebration spill over the the 29th right?!

Tatiana is bringing her kids to Dinsey World (lucky kids!) so on the 29th she is treating herself to a day at the spa (smart Momma!)

Despite living only a few miles from the beach, Marissa has really not taken advantage so she is vowing to do so this month! Her NEAT friends in cold climates are currently rolling their eyes with jealousy!

Lauren was so jealous of Marissa's idea that she is getting out of Michigan and headed to LA for some much needed sun!

We hope you find something NEAT to do with your bonus day this month! Happy Leap Year!


the NEAT girls