What Needs to Be Done BEFORE You Spring Clean

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hate Spring cleaning? We have 13 organizing solutions that will make the cleaning process ten times easier this year!

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1. Take everything out of all spaces (even those that have been previously organized) to make sure you are actually keeping things for all of the right reasons. 9 times out of 10 you will discover you actually don't want some things anymore. 
2. Sort through kids wardrobe/shoes and see what does not fit and needs to be donated, passed down or consigned. Then, make a list of key items that need to shopped for in the coming months. 
3. Bathing suit review for entire family! Toss faded ones and any cover ups/white t-shirts that are not crisp white anymore from sunscreen stains etc… 
4. Freshen up the garage. Look at it as a seasonal rotation– fall/winter items make way for your spring/summer gear. For example, move all ski gear and winter layers back and make it easier to access the beach umbrella and beach chairs. 
5. Donate or toss those sweaters that pilled and boots that got ruined from the salt on the roads. 
6. Before packing up your winter gear, make sure that you’re saving things that will fit next year. If they don't fit, have holes or are worn out, donate or toss them now! 
7. For the grownups' side of the house, refresh the linen closet by neatly refolding items and re-categorizing items or readjusting any of the storage solutions. 
8. Go through the toys to pull out anything with missing parts, broken items, paints and playdough that might be dried up, coloring books that are filled, etc. 
9. Purging at this time of year is key! Start by focusing on bathroom products. It’s a great excuse to buy a new scent of some new shades of makeup. 
10. Re-organize our kitchen to get ready for grilling and entertaining which will happen more of in the spring/summer.
11. Go through spices, oils and fridge condiments. These categories can often be forgotten
12. Create a designated area where you can collect items all year long that we are no longer using and can be sold at a Spring garage sale. The rule is after the sale, NOTHING comes back in the house. If it doesn't sell it goes directly to a donation center. 
13. Go through items under the sink and make sure that our cleaning supply is well-stocked for the big "spring clean."
Ready to tackle Spring Cleaning? Let's do this!
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