What Room Needs Organized Most?

This post is for those of you who made the New Year’s Resolution “to be more organized,” but have realized it’s March and your home still looks exactly like it did in 2012:


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It’s OK! With your dirty laundry aired, we have decided to give a little TLC to that one room in your house that has the most foot traffic – but is probably not receiving as much attention as it should…the KITCHEN!

It is safe to assume, that people gravitate towards the kitchen the most. So if you are going to start organizing somewhere in your home, it makes complete sense to tackle the kitchen first! And lucky for you, the NEAT girls are here to help! 🙂

These small organizational solutions are easy to implement, a sinch to maintain, and most of all – will help to alleviate stress typically associated with clutter!

drawer organizer, kitchen organizer, kitchen utensil organizer, wooden utensil holder, bamboo organizer, knife block, knifedock

Expandable Bamboo Drawer Organizers and KnifeDocks will help to keep your drawers from overflowing with utensils. If you find yourself without enough drawer space, adding a Wood Utensil Holder on your counter is an easy solution.

labeled canisters, labeled jars, labeled glass jars, jars for kitchen, jars for pantry, pantry jars, labels, chalkboard labels

Organize your pantry with glass canisters and labels. Clear jars will allow you to see how much you have, while also keeping your foods fresh for longer.

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If you have a smaller kitchen and are looking to create additional space, the unused space above your cabinets is perfect for adding additional baskets.

Belkin's Chef Stand + Stylus, kitchen organizer, tablet holder, tablet reader

And lastly – For those Chefs who love to use their tablets to read recipes while cooking, we have the perfect gadget for you! Belkin’s Chef Stand + Stylus allows you to stand your tablet upright while also using a stylus to keep your messy hands from dirtying the tablet. Talk about genius!


Hope these simple organizing tricks kick start you to having the NEATest kitchen yet!


the NEAT girls

Bon Appetit!

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